Introducing The ReGenerator™. Nothing like it existed until now. Modular, onsite, direct-feed technology. No initial treatment. Grows or shrinks to the demands of your wet waste. One ReGenerator can upcycle 15 tons or more of agricultural wet waste per day. Also unprecedented: a 95% potential yield in recovered assets. Waste no more. And get more out of your waste.


Upcycle Technologies has patented an asset-recovery system that significantly reduces the time, space and energy requirements versus traditional methods. Not to mention headaches. In minutes, not months. Real economic value with low-carbon emissions and no incineration. Just plug in and go. Introducing The ReGenerator™ and The Age of Bio-Asset Recovery.

20 minutes for The ReGenerator vs. 90-120 days for digestion.
That’s minutes, not months! 15 wet tons of material consumption per day.
No bulk on-site storage of material.
Same day processing.
80% to 95% total energy efficiency! Near-zero emissions.
No incineration due to bio-mass resourcing.
Exhaust emissions comparable to burning natural gas.
100% water reclamation.
2,880 gallons of sterilized water output from processed material.
Can be converted to potable water.
100% mineral reclamation.
Heat to generate steam (1,000 pounds per hour), hot water (1,250,000 BTU/hr), cooling (80 tons), or thermal sterilization of up to 72,000 gallons of water per day.
Up to 680,000 BTU/hr of excess fuel gas created that can generate electricity (60kW) or be used in other on-site appliances.
Modular design. Low on-site installation costs.
Small footprint compared to lagoon or anaerobic digesters.
Packaged design allows for off-the-shelf parts replacement for standard equipment.
Remote monitoring and maintenance dispatch. Hands-off operations for the site.
Base Unit Dimensions: 8′ wide by 9.5′ high, 40′ long
Installation Footprint (Base Unit): 60′ x 30′
Base Unit Weight: 56,000 lbs
Over-the-road legal without special permits.
208V, 3-phase, 125A service (480v also available)
Nominal Electrical Consumption: 16kW
Peak Electrical Consumption: 30kW
Burner Nameplate Rating: 3,000,000 BTU/hr
Nominal Firing Rate: 1,500,000 BTU/hr
Internal Heat Recycling Rate: 650,000 BTU/hr
  *Based on one ReGenerator upcycling 15 tons of agricultural wet waste per day.