The ReGeneratorâ„¢ is a patented bio-asset recovery processor that converts wet waste into recoverable assets: electricity, gas, clean water, steam and minerals. Any type of wet, carbon-based waste such as manure, paper, food, sewage, even wood, plastics and fabric can be processed into recoverable assets. As it is producing energy, water and minerals, The ReGenerator also reduces the waste stream by up to 95%, cleanly and economically.

The wet waste is ground and mixed to create a slurry between 70% to 80% water content by weight. The slurry enters the unit and is pumped into the devolatilization reactor at high pressure for the first stage of reaction. The slurry converts from biomass in water to char, water, steam and gas. This mixture then flows into the gasifier at a much lower pressure where it is further heated to convert the char, gas, and water into quality synthesis fuel gas, steam, and mineral ash. The mixture is then cooled to extract heat, water, and minerals while sending some portion of the syn-fuel back to heat the process, depending upon the energy value of the biomass input. The process takes minutes, not months.